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224 House

Project: Design Research

Advisor: John Enright

The |224| House claims that the architecture of the house is irrelevant to the concept of home.


Living space – 64sqm

Storage space – 224sqm

Total usable space – 288sqm

Total number of items allowed – 224 (+ 2 Humans + 1 pet)

Container size - 1mx1mx1m

This house presents itself as an empty vessel where its single most important role is to receive your objects, acknowledge them, organize them and display them with the respect they deserve by showcasing them front and centre. 


These objects are fundamental to the primary function of every home, they are not just the physical matter that you own but are also infused with your daily rituals. They are what connects your memories, that make you, who you are. 

The |224| house is thus an object placed in the world, void of unnecessary functionality and with a will to embrace what truly makes your home yours. It is with your objects that |224| House transforms itself into your two hundred and twenty four object home. 

Warning: The |224|House has no inherent functionality besides storage, bring your own functional objects. 

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